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Great show

Love listening to these two break it down. They’re entertaining, know their stuff, and just have a great energy. This show’s a hidden gem

Solid Chemistry

These guys are great together. The balance between going over topic and hanging out is just right and makes the episodes an easy listen.

Great chemistry.

Can’t wait to see what movie they pick next! The frozen 2 episode is hilarious.

Must listen!!

Love their energy! Can’t wait to see what’s next :)

Great Show on Movies and Pop Culture

It’s great hearing Nathan Rose again podcasting. It’s been too long! The addition of Austin Putnam is amazing. They have great chemistry!

2 generations of moviegoers!

I love that Austin and Nathan can bring two unique perspectives while also giving listeners a chance to relate to either generation. Love this podcast, and I’m excited for it to grow!


Now this is podcasting!