April 21, 2021

FlickThat Takes on The Transporter Series

FlickThat Takes on The Transporter Series

With Austin never having seen any of The Transporter movies, the duo delve into the first three films starring Jason Statham. Also included this week are discussions about Luc Besson (the creator of the Transporter franchise), The Fast and Furious Saga, Dredd, Birds of Prey, and much more (so much much more the editor’s didn’t have time to catch them all!)

•  Watch FlickDirect's Interview with Robert Knepperhttps://youtu.be/MxKacEr_Jfs

•  Watch the trailer for the original Transporterhttps://youtu.be/FP2qE_ZIBPs

•  What the crew of F9 as they go for a wild ride. Even to space! — https://youtu.be/Vjl-ydacFqI

•  Read our Tomatometer-Approved Critic review of the Transporter 3 4k UHD —  https://bit.ly/3tIde7q

•  Ever wondered what the song was in Transporter 2? You can listen to it here — https://apple.co/3v7OiWW

•  Do you want to know what the song Muzik by Knoc-Turn'Al really sounds like (Instead of the sound of a dying cat Nathan calls singing) — https://apple.co/3ehNYyi

•  For more information about this week's films visit The FlickDirect Movie Database —  https://bit.ly/2VELMrU

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