June 24, 2021

FlickThat Takes on Indiana Jones

Happy Belated Father's Day to all you fathers out there in podcastland. This week join Nathan and Austin as they discuss the Indiana Jones Quadrilogy and its first time on 4K UHD. Thrown in along the way are some Paramount+ talk, and more more!

• Watch Austin's Interview With Karen Allenhttps://youtu.be/kA7Oo2S-W2A

•  Read Allison's review of the Indian Jones 4K UHD Box Sethttps://bit.ly/2U2Oj15

• Watch the trailer for Indiana Jones and Raiders of The Lost Arkhttps://youtu.be/XWJmHFPngvw

• Watch an insane video of Nathan and Allison riding the most intense rollercoaster in Florida, Velocicoaster -- https://youtu.be/8TYzAfuAhII

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